Frequently Asked Questions

How long does shipping usually take?

Shipping will be determined by the job. All of our units are custom made, so we do not have an off the shelf unit.

What if my new unit Malfunctions?

First, Shut off the gas valve going into the Unit. Call us and we will determine a solution.

How can I see your Product? 

We have several locations as well as dealers across the Country USA/Canada. If you are nearby Connecticut, we would be happy to have you come by with an appointment.

Do you have Vent Free Fireplaces?

NO! Please understand, as safe as some manufacturers claim, there is no such thing as a vent free gas unit. If you see ANY yellow flame, that is Carbon Monoxide and Soot. Gas that burnes Blue is combusted fuel ( But not all of it ) Do not take chances with your life.

Why are your Units so Expensive?

Two Reasons, Either Made in Europe and Imported to the USA ( Euro vs.Dollar ) or Made in CONNECTICUT by Americans, Not China.
We understand our products are not for everyone. We offer the Exclusive Modern look. ” When Common is Simply Not Enough”

Why are your competitors products look the same and Less Expensive?


Good Question, We are the Originators of ALL our products, Our Competitors are NOT manufacturers nor do they design or build anything.
All of their products are poor copies and come from Elsewhere, Not USA.
Just ask to see their workshop and testing facility.

 I am not a designer or architect, can I buy from you?

Only if we do not have a dealer in your area, we mainly deal with the trade only and are Not in retail sales. Please check our locator for dealers near you.

What is Direct Vent and B-Vent?

Direct vent is a Co-Axial vent pipe. It must be used with Direct vent units. The pipe has a pipe within the pipe, one for fresh air in and one for exhaust. It can vent Vertical or Horizontally.
B-Vent is a Gas vent only, Not to be confused with double wall chimney pipe. This pipe is for gas appliances only and not for solid fuel.  Most of our units will be B-Vent. This uses inside air to combust and with a power vent can run up, down, sideways. The B-vent is not intended for heating. The DIrect Vent is rated as a heater.

I want to Install your gas burner with my fireplace doors closed, OK?

NOT OK, Any Burner that goes into a pre-existing fireplace, Must be used with Damper Fully open and Doors Fully open. Closing the doors ( despite the fresh air intake ) will not be enough oxygen to burn the fuel. 

Can you send Us designs and specs for our Custom Unit?

We can, However, we charge $1500 for preliminary drawings. These charges are prepaid and will be used against your purchase if you decide.
We do not send any drawings out without a commitment from our clients. There are some units that are ( stock sizes ) which you can download online form our site. 

So what makes you different from all others?


The truth is, we are designers and manufacturers,  we have re-designed most all the lines from European companies and are still designing and changing product for many others. We are the Only company that is forcing the Europeans to use Catalytic combustors in their wood stoves, Designed by Us.  All of the Gas product does not leave our facility till tested for gas leaks with an open flame. If there is a leak, we will find it, not our customers!